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Why Our Patients Love Seva Physiotherapy


“It’s great learning how different movements & stretches effect how my body feels! Also, the staff is just stellar!”
David C

“Knowledge and compassion has helped me tremendously diminish symptoms and discomfort in little time, versus the physio I previously went to for months with no change. I was able to discern what the problem was and even helped my doctor ultimately diagnose my health issue. Thank You!”
Lynda G

“You help people regain their physical independence when life sets them back; whether it be via pain control, mobility, or confidence in one’s own body once again. Thank You!”
Irma C

“I want to be healthy and pain free and I really feel like Jill is helping me get there.”
Mandy T

“There’s nothing like the feeling of release and being able to move without pain!”
Lynne J

“Physio allows me to keep doing the activities I love.”
Mollie C

“I feel so welcomed, and Jill listens to what your issue is and really tries to make you feel relaxed and important which heals all.”
Nancy S

“Competent, caring, professional, friendly and lovely.”
Sammy K

“Everyone is so friendly at Seva and the physios really seem to know their stuff- they help you get better!”
Sarah K

“Jill is great! Whenever I’m in bad shape she gets me back!! Thanks for everything!”
Andrea S

“My physiotherapist has been my biggest advocate after injuring myself at work.”
Ayla K

“Physio got me back to loving life again. Thank you very much.”
Chad P

“You moved me from a sense of not being able to cope to a positive place where the sky is the limit.”
Carol M

“My kids get to keep playing the sports they love when physio fixes their injuries.”
Kate B

“Physio helped me reach my goal of running a half marathon! Peter rocks!”

“I love physiotherapy because I feel renewed and reconnected with my body. I have found a greater appreciation for how my body moves and reacts to various stimulis. Peter is the BEST and I am forever grateful to him.”
Cleo A

“My rehab from a broken ankle is complicated and Gordon has devised some very effective therapies. He works hard on the exercises and massage. The improvement is remarkable.”
Jill S

“Physio helps reduce the frequency of my migraines and headaches!”
Victoria G

“Jill reads my body like Braille and I can walk away as if I am walking on a cloud!”
Catherine M

“Jill is very friendly, professional and passionate about her work. It makes me feel comfortable. The location is close to UBC and where I live, very convenient! The environment is very neat and cozy. People are nice here! Thanks!”
Billie H

“I really enjoy coming to Seva for my physio. It is a wonderful, calm, and peaceful place and my therapist is excellent.” – Joan T

“I have tried different clinics for physio. This place is quite different. The friendliness and dedication of the staff here along side with their professionalism makes me choose Seva every time.”
Syavash A

“I love physio because of Peter McClean and his IMS! He treats not only my back but my knees, and he’s perfect!”
Eilish M

“When we get injured it is good to know there is someone who can educate us on how to recover, how our bodies work and make us feel better all at the same time. Jill is the BEST. Oh, and who knew I would learn to love the foam roller?” – Margery H

“Gordon is very friendly. My neck and headaches feel better afterward and the staff is very friendly.”
Claudia A

“I love coming to this physio & massage because every time I leave I feel better and happier. That is why I come from so far away for Seva.”
Geoff A