At Seva Physiotherapy our physiotherapists have extensive experience working with athletes inside our clinic and on amateur and elite level teams. Along with our many years of experience our physiotherapists have been awarded an Sports Physiotherapy Diploma, which is Canada’s highest recognized level of specialization in sport injury treatment & rehabilitation.

Our approach to treatment is unique, specifically created for you to quickly and effectively help you return to sport & activity. Our Sports Injuries treatments may include:

Manual Therapy

Hands on techniques used to restore joint alignment, soft tissue mobility, muscle control, strength & flexibility.

Exercise Prescription

Preventative & rehabilitative exercises that help you to not only recover from your sports injuries but to also get you back into the level of competition before your injury. These exercises will also incorporate functional sport / activity drills, core stabilization & strengthening (strengthening the spine after a leg or arm injury can help with injury prevention while also increasing torque & force produced in the arms or legs).

Athletic Taping

Athletic taping can be used to provide relief from pain, control swelling and provide support & compression for acute injuries. It can also provide support to hyper-mobile or unstable joints and sensory input (ie; knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist joints)

Functional Sports Screening Assessmentphysiotherapy-sports-injuries-1

What is a Sports Functional Screening Assessment?

This is a complete one hour screening of the athlete’s mobility, flexibility, strength, and alignment. It is an assessment aimed at the specific needs of the athlete’s particular sport. Any deficits in mobility & strength, asymmetries in mobility & strength, and patterns of abnormal movement are identified. Specific therapeutic exercises are then prescribed to help correct these deficiencies to prevent injury and improve athletic performance. This assessment is a useful tool for competitive to recreational athletes that are interested in sports injuries prevention and optimizing performance.

Collaboration with Coaches

While working with you in rehabilitating your sports injuries, we will collaborate with any coaches, strength & conditioning trainers & other health medical staff to get you back to your level of sport & activity. If you’re looking to recover from injury or prevent future injuries from occurring, choose Seva for your physiotherapy and sports clinic.


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