Massage Therapy helps to reduce stress and tension, which can relieve headaches, muscle aches and many types of muscle pains. Massage therapy is a way to help promote the body’s natural healing process, reducing injury-healing time and is an excellent form of preventative health care.

Massage therapy is typically recommended for: knee injuries, lower back pain, arthritis, neck pain, headaches, chronic pain and many more. For more information on massage therapy visit the massage therapy of BC’s website: It is a non-invasive and effective treatment that promotes natural healing.

What should you expect on your first Massage Therapy Visit?

On your first visit at Seva physiotherapy you will be asked to complete a comprehensive health history form, the form will give our Registered Massage Therapist insight into your history and if a previous condition could have contributed to your current injury. Having a clear picture of your past and your current situation will aid our Massage therapist so that we have all the information needed to find the best solution for your injury-treatment.

Things to remember

Don’t be afraid to communicate with our Massage Therapist! We want to ensure that you are fast tracked to recovery from your injury. If you have any questions please feel to ask our clinic. We want to make sure you leave with all your questions and problems attended to.

Be Relaxed, dealing with tense muscles is the key to a successful massage appointment.

Registered Massage Therapy Pricing

30 minutes$75 +GST
45 minutes$105 +GST
60 minutes$130 +GST

We are able to directly bill most Extended Health Insurance companies and ICBC. Please contact the Front Desk if you have any questions.

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