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Unlike what you may have experienced at other physiotherapy clinics, our Registered Physiotherapists provide one-on-one physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in modern and private physio rooms.

  • No support staff replacing your Physiotherapist.
  • No open gym feel.

Seva Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy services without compromise, and also without premium fees. Thanks to our personalized one-on-one approach we have become a preferred physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver.

Here’s some more information on what to expect from our physiotherapy treatment & rehabilitation programs and answers to frequently asked physiotherapy questions.

Manipulation Physiotherapy

As part of your treatment, your physiotherapist may elect to use a physiotherapy technique called manipulation. This is defined as a high speed, small, movement thrust of one bone to improve the motion of the joint between two bones. If done appropriately, it is a safe and effective method to restore the normal motion of a hypomobile (stuck) joint, and to decrease muscle tone and pain in the area. Sometimes a pop or click is heard at the time of the manipulation. This is thought to reflect a release of gas around the joint.

Before the manipulation is performed, you will be asked by our physiotherapist specific questions and various safety tests will be performed to ensure that manipulation is a safe and appropriate technique for you. The technique will be explained, and you will be asked for your consent to proceed. Following the technique, the motion will be reassessed to determine the effectiveness of the treatment.

Manipulation is not a suitable treatment for individuals suffering from symptoms related to osteoporosis, vascular compromise (e.g. previous stroke), rheumatoid arthritis, cancer, multiple sclerosis or similar conditions.

physiotherapy-manipulation-1-sevaExercise Prescription

Exercise prescription is a key component to any physiotherapy treatment. Whenever an injury affects the soft tissues (muscle, ligament, tendon, and fascia) and joints there is normally a loss of strength and/or flexibility. Some of this will return naturally as we become more active as the injury heals. However, there often is residual weakness and loss of flexibility and since these tissues control the alignment and stability of the joints there is the potential for uneven forces across the soft tissues and joints.

Such imbalances cause subtle changes to our movement leading to increased stress and predisposing our bodies to injury.

Alignment and movement patterns are carefully addressed in elite athletics, yet little attention is given to these factors in everyday activities (typical examples include office workers repeatedly turning to the same side when working between a computer and a telephone, or a mother who always carries her baby on the same hip). Postural alignment is fundamental to normal movement patterns. Where alignment is faulty, optimal movement is difficult to impossible and mechanical injury is likely to occur.

Therefore, when recovering from injury or managing everyday aches and pains, the physiotherapists at Seva will seek to correct alignment and movement patterns to alleviate muscle and joint pain and to prevent further injury. To do so, your physiotherapist will carefully assess your musculoskeletal system and prescribe specific exercises tailored to your needs.

As physiotherapists we know that pain is an unpleasant experience that will limit your day-to-day activities such as work, play and sleep. Pain can also negatively impact your sense of well-being and happiness. As a physiotherapy clinic it is our mission is to alleviate these pain experiences by treating the physical dysfunction at its source. Our physiotherapy sessions are all one-on-one for 30 to 60 minutes, and our clinic is located in Kitsilano, Vancouver. We take extra care to ensure that we provide you with the highest level of care and customer service & satisfaction.

To find out more on how our Vancouver Physiotherapy Clinic can help you alleviate pain and or physical dysfunction, contact us for a one on one personalized assessment.

Physiotherapy Pricing


We are able to directly bill most Extended Health Insurance companies, WorkSafeBC and ICBC. Please contact the Front Desk if you have any questions.

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