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We approach nutrition counseling with a holistic mindset; keeping in mind that food is much more than just fuel. Food is culture, it is creation, it is social and sometimes it is comfort.

Our experience Registered Dietitian translates evidence-based nutrition recommendations into practical eating strategies to help people turn their nutrition goals into sustainable changes. At Seva Physiotherapy we have an ‘anti diet’ approach to dietetics and instead focus on the healthy relationships with all foods and honouring your internal body cues.


Frequently Asked Questions About Dietitians


Who Are Dietitians?

Registered Dietitians (RDs) are qualified nutrition professionals – they are university educated & are required to pass a registration exam to prove their ability to practice. RDs are a regulated profession – they must meet & maintain provincial registration requirements.

What Do Dietitians Do?

RDs translate complex scientific evidence into dietary strategies – nutrition recommendations provided by a Dietitian will be evidence-based, ethical & practical. Dietitians promote health through food & healthy relationships with food

How Can Dietitians Help You?

A Dietitian can help people:

  • Build a better relationship with food, improve their diet quality & nutritional health
  • Prevent or manage chronic conditions such as:
    • Diabetes
    • High cholesterol
    • High blood pressure
  • Manage digestive concerns & improve their gut health
  • Navigate food allergies, intolerances & sensitivities
  • Improve their body’s ability to heal itself after injury or surgery
  • Meal plan to prevent food waste & save money

Why Work With a Dietitian?

  • A Dietitian will individualise care to meet your specific needs – lifestyle, culture & budget considered.
  • Eating well can help decrease your risk &/or manage high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes & other chronic conditions.
  • Many extended health care plans cover the costs of Registered Dietitian services.


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