Charles Sutton

Charles Sutton

Registered Physiotherapist

Charles is a graduate of the Masters of Physiotherapy program at Queen’s University and has a passion for sport, healthy living and connecting with others. He believes in a proactive, evidence-based approach, combining tailored progressive strengthening with neural desensitization techniques, pain education and manual therapy. He and his patients work together to relieve pain and get to the root of the issue with the goal of getting them back in action, better than ever.

Prior to physiotherapy, Charles was the captain of the Track & Field Team for the University of Toronto. He has been involved in many stages of athlete development and continues to coach strength development and speed in runners and team sport athletes.

Charles has experience in treating many different conditions and has developed a particular interest in low back pain, joint and musculoskeletal issues, concussion rehab, and chronic pain. In addition to this, he has exceptional experience in treating running, cycling, golf and sports injuries as he combines his athletic expertise with clinical and coaching experience to identify mechanical abnormalities that may be leading to recurrent injuries.

When not in the clinic, Charles enjoys outdoor activities and spending time with his fiancé. He is a new resident on the west coast and is always interested to hear about fun outdoor adventures to add to his bucket list!

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