Many people are living in pain because their bodies are misaligned and working against gravity. Dysfunctions can occur over a period of time and they typically lead to further compensations – the body’s way of adjusting to the underlying dysfunction. Through a series of exercises and stretches tailored to your unique needs and designed to make certain demands on your body, normal muscle function and interaction can be restored. Since bones do what muscles tell them to do, your weight-bearing joints can come back into alignment, thereby resolving the dysfunction and the compensations which are no longer needed.

The results are dramatically reduced pain, increased function and mobility, and improved balance, gait, performance, and endurance. This work will reduce the wear and tear on your joints and potentially spare you from more invasive measures down the road. You’ll learn a great deal about your body along the way and each session will build on the progress made from the last visit. The key to this work is compliance with your routine. Keeping you motivated and on track is a vital part of Julia’s program with you.

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