Custom Orthotics are made to help correct alignment problems. Highly active people that are on their feet for long periods of time or do recreational activities especially sports, may need greater control, support or specialized placement of cushioning to provide the proper support. This specialized support and control can correct or alleviate specific alignment problems, causing pain or discomfort.

These problems can be from the simplest of foot pains to complicated changes affecting the knees, hips and or the spine. Custom Orthotics are individually made to fit and correct very specific individual problems and therefore cater to each individuals unique needs.



If you suffer from any of the following symptoms you could benefit from Orthotics:

  • Fatigue and constant foot pain
  • Consistent morning foot pain and sensitivity
  • Chronic ankle sprains
  • Constant or chronic heel, knee, hips or back pain.
  • Foot and toe mal-alignment (eg. bunions)

How do you get fitted for Orthotics?

Orthotic fitting requires the analysis of your stance, gait and load support. Proper analysis of foot positioning and the movement of your knee, hip and spine provide the necessary information to creating the perfect custom Orthotics. Fitting and guidelines for proper break in periods will be provided and any adjustments will be followed up to ensure the best possible fit.

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