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  • Unlike what you may have experienced at other physiotherapy clinics, our Registered Physiotherapists provide one-on-one physiotherapy and rehabilitation services in modern and private physio rooms.

  • At Seva Physiotherapy our physiotherapists have extensive experience working with athletes inside our clinic and on amateur and elite level teams. Along with our many years of experience our physiotherapists

  • Custom Orthotics are made to help correct alignment problems. Highly active people that are on their feet for long periods of time or do recreational activities especially sports, may need greater control, support or specialized placement of cushioning to provide the proper support. This specialized support and control can correct or alleviate specific alignment problems, causing pain or discomfort. These problems can be from the simplest of foot pains to complicated changes affecting the knees, […]

  • Many people are living in pain because their bodies are misaligned and working against gravity. Dysfunctions can occur over a period of time and they typically lead to further compensations – the body’s way of adjusting to the underlying dysfunction. Through a series of exercises and stretches tailored to your unique needs and designed to make certain demands on your body, normal muscle function and interaction can be restored. Since bones do what muscles tell […]

Even though our doors our closed due to COVID-19, the Seva Team is still here to help you. Learn more