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Nutrition & Wellness

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  • Born out of Andrea’s experience as a brain injury survivor and her educational background in Holistic Nutrition and Acquired Brain Injury Support, the Brain Recovery Program offers a unique and tailored approach to Brain Injury recovery. The program combines pain management strategies, individualized support and coaching, and neuro-enhancing nutrition to serve both clients at the onset of their injury and those with persistent symptoms. Andrea creates a compassionate and comfortable environment for clients to share […]

  • We approach nutrition counseling with a holistic mindset; keeping in mind that food is much more than just fuel. Food is culture, it is creation, it is social and sometimes it is comfort. Our experience Registered Dietitian translates evidence-based nutrition recommendations into practical eating strategies to help people turn their nutrition goals into sustainable changes. At Seva Physiotherapy we have an ‘anti diet’ approach to dietetics and instead focus on the healthy relationships with all […]

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